All Artists (2010)
Ab-Originals Ab-Originals
Across Turtle Island Across Turtle Island
Albert Whitefish & Atikamihk Singers Albert Whitefish & Atikamihk Singers
Alex Lamoureux Alex Lamoureux
Andrea Menard Andrea Menard
Asani Asani
Ashock Ashock
Bad Nation Bad Nation
Bear Heart Bear Heart
Big River Cree Big River Cree
Billy Joe Green Billy Joe Green
Bitterly Divine Bitterly Divine
Blackfoot Confederacy Blackfoot Confederacy
Black Rain Black Rain
Blackstone Blackstone
Blaze Blaze
Bonnie Couchie Bonnie Couchie
Brad Moggie Brad Moggie
Brian Stoner Brian Stoner
Brooklyn Brooklyn
Buffy Sainte Marie Buffy Sainte Marie
Buggin Malone Buggin Malone
Cecile Moosomin Cecile Moosomin
Cedartree Cedartree
Chase Manhattan Chase Manhattan
Chippewa Travellers Chippewa Travellers
Chris Barker Band Chris Barker Band
Colette Trudeau Colette Trudeau
Conrad Bigknife Conrad Bigknife
Cree Confederation Cree Confederation
Curt Young Curt Young
Darrell "Boots" McCallum Darrell "Boots" McCallum
Darrelyne Bickel Darrelyne Bickel
David R Maracle David R Maracle
Derek Miller Derek Miller
Desiree Dorion Desiree Dorion
Digging Roots Digging Roots
Discreet Da Chosen One Discreet Da Chosen One
Diyet Diyet
Dominique Reynolds Dominique Reynolds
Don Amero Don Amero
Donna Kay Donna Kay
Eagle & Hawk Eagle & Hawk
Eagle River Eagle River
Eastern Eagle Eastern Eagle
Eric Ashdown Eric Ashdown
Eric Voice Eric Voice
Eric & Winston Wuttunee Eric & Winston Wuttunee
Eyabay Eyabay
Fawn & Dallas Fawn & Dallas
Feenix Feenix
Filthy Animals Filthy Animals
Florent Vollant Florent Vollant
Foreign Objekts Foreign Objekts
Gabriel Ayala Gabriel Ayala
Gathering of Flies Gathering of Flies
George Anderson George Anderson
George Leach George Leach
Gerry McIvor Gerry McIvor
Holly Vee Holly Vee
Horsehill Horsehill
Howard Nepinak Howard Nepinak
Indigenous Indigenous
Inez Inez
Jacinthe Trudeau Jacinthe Trudeau
Jack Olson Jack Olson
Jana Mashonee Jana Mashonee
Janet Panic Janet Panic
Janet Rogers Janet Rogers
Jason Burnstick Jason Burnstick
Jay Begaye Jay Begaye
J.C. Campbell J.C. Campbell
Jerry Sereda Jerry Sereda
Jesus Murphy Jesus Murphy
JJ Lavallee JJ Lavallee
Joey Stylez Joey Stylez
John Boudrias John Boudrias
John McLeod John McLeod
Kicking Woman Singers Kicking Woman Singers
Kimberley Dawn Kimberley Dawn
Kinnie Starr Kinnie Starr
Kristi Lane Sinclair Kristi Lane Sinclair
Lakota Jonez Lakota Jonez
Lance Crowe & Edmond Poochay Lance Crowe & Edmond Poochay
Lans Saupitty Lans Saupitty
Lawrence Martin Lawrence Martin
Leela Gilday Leela Gilday
Lorenzo Lorenzo
Lost Priority Lost Priority
Louie Gonnie Louie Gonnie
Lucie Idlout Lucie Idlout
Mandaree Singers Mandaree Singers
Marlatt - Searching Bear Marlatt - Searching Bear
Metis Fiddler Quartet Metis Fiddler Quartet
Missy Knott Missy Knott
M.O. M.O.
MO3 - Mother of 3 MO3 - Mother of 3
Nadjiwan Nadjiwan
Nakoa Heavyrunner Nakoa Heavyrunner
Nathan Cunningham Nathan Cunningham
National Aboriginal Music Countdown (NCI fm) National Aboriginal Music Countdown (NCI fm)
Out of the Blue Out of the Blue
Pat Peltier Pat Peltier
Philip Flett Philip Flett
Plex Plex
Poundmaker Poundmaker
Quetzal Guerrero Quetzal Guerrero
Quinton Tootoosis Quinton Tootoosis
Red Bull Red Bull
Reddnation Reddnation
Red Pheasant Honours Allen Sapp Red Pheasant Honours Allen Sapp
Red Power Squad Red Power Squad
Richard McKay Richard McKay
Richard Monkman Richard Monkman
Rocky Boy Singers Rocky Boy Singers
Ryan Keplin Ryan Keplin
Ry Moran Ry Moran
Sacred Harmonies Sacred Harmonies
Sadie Sadie
Samantha Crain Samantha Crain
Seekaskootch Seekaskootch
Shane Yellowbird Shane Yellowbird
Shy-Anne Shy-Anne
Skelpa Squad Skelpa Squad
Smashville Smashville
Spear Point Spear Point
Stephanie Harpe Band Stephanie Harpe Band
Tagaq Tagaq
Tewanee Joseph Tewanee Joseph
Tha Tribe Tha Tribe
The Boyz The Boyz
The Dusty Roads Band The Dusty Roads Band
The Gaudry Boys The Gaudry Boys
The Johnnys The Johnnys
The Mosquitoz The Mosquitoz
The Pappy Johns Blues Band The Pappy Johns Blues Band
The Reddmen The Reddmen
Thunder Mountain Singers Thunder Mountain Singers
Tonemah Tonemah
Wab Kinew Wab Kinew
Wanita Bird Wanita Bird
Wayne Lavallee Wayne Lavallee
Wayne Silas, Jr. Wayne Silas, Jr.
Winnipeg's Most Winnipeg's Most
W.T. Goodspirit W.T. Goodspirit
Young Kidd Young Kidd
Yvonne St. Germaine Yvonne St. Germaine

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