All Artists (2011)
Ali Fontaine Ali Fontaine
Asani Asani
A Tribe Called Mi'Kmaq A Tribe Called Mi'Kmaq
Bad Nation Bad Nation
Bear Heart Bear Heart
Becky Thomas Becky Thomas
Big River Cree Big River Cree
Billy Joe Green Billy Joe Green
Black Bear Black Bear
Blackfoot Confederacy Blackfoot Confederacy
Black Rain Black Rain
Blackstone Blackstone
Blu Blu
Bonnie Couchie Bonnie Couchie
Brad Moggie Brad Moggie
Brian Stoner Brian Stoner
Brown Eagle Singers Brown Eagle Singers
Bruthers of Different Muthers Bruthers of Different Muthers
Buggin Malone Buggin Malone
Casper Loma da wa Casper Loma da wa
Cassidy Mann Cassidy Mann
Cedartree Cedartree
CerAmony CerAmony
Chase Manhattan Chase Manhattan
Colette Trudeau Colette Trudeau
Conrad Bigknife Conrad Bigknife
Corn & Boots Corn & Boots
Cree Confederation Cree Confederation
Cris Derksen Cris Derksen
Curt Young Curt Young
Dallas Arcand Dallas Arcand
Dark Water Rising Dark Water Rising
David R Maracle David R Maracle
Dearly & Denny Dearly & Denny
Derek Miller Derek Miller
Desiree Dorion Desiree Dorion
Discreet Da Chosen One Discreet Da Chosen One
Diyet Diyet
Don Amero Don Amero
Donna Kay Donna Kay
Donny Parenteau Donny Parenteau
Eagle & Hawk Eagle & Hawk
Eastern Eagle Eastern Eagle
Elisapie Isaac Elisapie Isaac
Elk Soldier Elk Soldier
Eric Ashdown Eric Ashdown
Foreign Objekts Foreign Objekts
Gabriel Ayala Gabriel Ayala
Genevieve Fisher Genevieve Fisher
George Anderson George Anderson
Ghostkeeper Ghostkeeper
Hanisha Singers Hanisha Singers
Hank Horton Hank Horton
Hector Menow Hector Menow
Horsehill Horsehill
Indigenous Indigenous
Iskwe Iskwe
Jacob Pratt Jacob Pratt
Jana Mashonee Jana Mashonee
Janet Panic Janet Panic
Jason Burnstick Jason Burnstick
Jason Chamakese Jason Chamakese
Jay Begaye Jay Begaye
JB The First Lady JB The First Lady
J.C. Campbell J.C. Campbell
Jerry Sereda Jerry Sereda
JJ Lavallee JJ Lavallee
Joe Maxim Band Joe Maxim Band
John Boudrias John Boudrias
John McLeod John McLeod
Johnny Rains Johnny Rains
Joy Harjo Joy Harjo
Kelly Daniels Kelly Daniels
Kicking Woman Singers Kicking Woman Singers
Kristi Lane Sinclair Kristi Lane Sinclair
Kyla Cederwall Kyla Cederwall
Lans Saupitty Lans Saupitty
Leanne Goose Leanne Goose
Leela Gilday Leela Gilday
Lil Pappie Lil Pappie
Little Hawk Little Hawk
Lorenzo Lorenzo
Love Medicine Love Medicine
Mark Morrisseau Mark Morrisseau
Marlatt - Searching Bear Marlatt - Searching Bear
Metis Fiddler Quartet Metis Fiddler Quartet
Michael Bucher Michael Bucher
M.O. M.O.
M.O & Geothermal MC M.O & Geothermal MC
Nakoa Heavyrunner Nakoa Heavyrunner
Nathan Cunningham Nathan Cunningham
Native Trailblazers Radio Native Trailblazers Radio
Originate Originate
Pat Peltier Pat Peltier
Philip Flett Philip Flett
Pinky Think Music Pinky Think Music
Red Diva Projects Red Diva Projects
Reddnation Reddnation
Red Pheasant Honours Allen Sapp Red Pheasant Honours Allen Sapp
Rellik Rellik
Richard McKay Richard McKay
Ron Loutit Ron Loutit
Ruebin Bugler & Cree Crew Ruebin Bugler & Cree Crew
Ryan Keplin Ryan Keplin
Sage Hills Sage Hills
Samantha Crain Samantha Crain
Samian Samian
Savage Family HGS Savage Family HGS
Segweh Segweh
Shane Yellowbird Shane Yellowbird
Shawn Bernard Shawn Bernard
Shy-Anne Shy-Anne
Skelpa Squad Skelpa Squad
Smashville Smashville
Smoke Trail Smoke Trail
Stu Porteous Stu Porteous
Terri-Lynn Terri-Lynn
The Johnnys The Johnnys
The Reddmen The Reddmen
Think NDN Think NDN
Thundering Spirit Thundering Spirit
Thunder Mountain Singers Thunder Mountain Singers
T.J. Jackson T.J. Jackson
Tonemah Tonemah
Tracy Bone & J.C. Campbell Tracy Bone & J.C. Campbell
Vibez Vibez
Vince Fontaine Vince Fontaine
Wayne Chartrand Wayne Chartrand
Wayne Silas, Jr. Wayne Silas, Jr.
Weaselhead Weaselhead
Westbrook Western Hour Westbrook Western Hour
Will Belcourt and the Hollywood Indians Will Belcourt and the Hollywood Indians
Winnipeg's Most Winnipeg's Most
Young Confederation Young Confederation
Young Kidd Young Kidd
Yvonne St. Germaine Yvonne St. Germaine
Zotigh Singers Zotigh Singers

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Aboriginal Male Entertainer of the Year
Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year
Best Aboriginal Music Radio Station/Program
Best Album Cover Design
Best Blues CD
Best Country CD
Best Duo or Group
Best Fiddle CD
Best Flute CD
Best Folk / Acoustic CD
Best Francophone CD
Best Gospel CD
Best Hand Drum CD
Best Instrumental CD
Best International Indigenous Artist
Best Inuit CD
Best Music Video
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Best Peyote CD
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