Portrait of Eekwol

Eekwol's plan is simple. She takes pride in hip-hop and Indigenous culture, making a point to immerse those roots in her music and all aspects of her life.

Ancestries: First Nations
Languages: English
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap


Album Cover
Apprentice To The Mystery [nominated: 2006]
mp3 clipReluctant Warrior (773.9K)

Awards, Nominations & Submissions

2006Best Rap / Hip Hop CDApprentice To The MysteryNominee
2006Best Rap / Hip Hop CDApprentice To The MysterySubmission

Group Members

Lindsay Knight - AKA - Eekwol


Eekwol is from Muskoday First Nation, Saskatchewan. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies from the First Nations University of Canada, and a lifelong knowledge of music. With a strong drive to promote her Hip Hop and Indigenous cultures, she is currently one of the main artists of the independent label, Mils Productions, which she co-owns with her producer/brother, Mils. Through their original music they display their activist roots by living and creating as supporters of both Hip Hop and Indigenous culture and rights.

Eekwol recently released her award-winning full-length debut titled, Apprentice to the Mystery, which includes a complex range of unique moods and powerful flows. Produced by Mils, it has already gained international attention with reviews from Japan and Australia. As for past projects, her first solo album, Soundsick?! EP was released in 2002. Her creativity has drawn groundbreaking artists from abroad to collaborate with on this album, including a guest appearance by PSC.Luckyiam from Los Angeles. Her lyrical ability shines throughout many projects and compilations, most recently the Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association's "Saskatchewan Centennial No Boundaries" volume 1, and the Ness Creek Festival's 2005 compilation. Also, the Innersoulflow EP, Frequent Flyers self-titled full length, Mils and Lucas EP, Factor Time Invested and Heights Compilations, The Redwire Magazine Compilation, PSC.Luckyiam's Extra Credit Two album, and Innersoulflow's full length titled The Best Kept Secret. This work is one of many fine productions crafted by Mils, a dedicated producer who has worked with many artists including PSC. Luckyiam, Eligh and Scarub of the Living Legends, and Pigeon John of L.A. Symphony. In fact, some of these artists have labeled him the "Canadian Super Producer" in recent hip-hop publications.

As for publicity and performances, Eekwol has just won the Best Rap/Hip Hop album of the year at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards in Toronto, ON and was nominated for the same category at the Indian Summer Music Festival in Milwaulkee, WS. Amongst countless interviews and features, she has just been featured on the Indigenous Circle and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network series, Best of Aboriginal Music. Her music can be heard on the new season of the Renegade Press series. She Also, Eekwol has been featured in many well-distributed publications including Shout Magazine, Spirit Magazine, Planet S, Eagle Feather News, Redwire Magazine, Windspeaker, Sage, SAY Magazine, the Star Phoenix and The Province out of Vancouver. Currently, her hit single off the Apprentice to the Mystery full-length, "Too Sick", has a video in rotation on MuchMusic and MTV Canada, and APTN. That same song was just accepted to be a part of the nationally acclaimed "Dig Your Roots" Compilation. That track along with the second single, "That's Just Me" is in heavy rotation on many community/college radio stations, and was on the top ten most played hip hop albums. Another song off the SoundSick!? EP titled, "5 Minutes Late" has been featured in the award-winning independent film, Pop Song.

Eekwol's plan is simple. She takes pride in hip-hop and Indigenous culture, making a point to immerse those roots in her music and all aspects of her life. In 2006, with a new album in the works, a video, numerous performances, various album features and a steady, growing popularity in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities stretching past Canada, she's got her work cut out for her.