Jesse James Gon

Portrait of Jesse James Gon

Diga is a Tlicho (Dogrib) word meaning wolf

Diga's leader, Jesse James Gon, is originally from the Tlicho community of Ft. Rae, Northwest Territories. He is now based in Yellowknife.

Jessie is a passionate guitarist (electric and acoustic) who plays and sings with great respect for the land, the Tlicho culture and the elders. Diga's music is dynamic, ethereal and very emotional. As the composer of Diga's music, Jesse draws his inspiration from the earth and the conflicts that arise from the evolution of his Native culture, and his place in that evolution. Diga's music is refreshingly honest, seeking truth. Every song is an explosion of imagery that takes you on a ride across the Northern landscapes and into the hearts of the people that live there.

Diga live as a three to four piece band: electric and acoustic guitars, bass and drums/percussion.

Diga's musical influences are continually evolving. They include: Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Santana, Kashtin, and David Gon (Jesse's brother).

Ancestries: First Nations


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Diga - Earth Is Crying
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