Lance Crowe & Edmond Poochay

Portrait of Lance Crowe & Edmond Poochay

It’s my pleasure to record these First Nations Ceremonial Church Songs. I Sincerely hope that you will find comfort in listening to these songs I’ve composed for my children and relatives. My heartfelt thanks for the support given by my brother-in-law, Edmond Poochay for drumming and singing on our first volume.

Lance Crowe Sr.

I’ve been singing peyote songs since I was young and still very much enjoy helping friends and relatives in these peyote ways by drumming, singing and providing assistance, singing and providing assistance, and a helper in ceremonies, as my elders instructed and taught me, I have a newborn daughter and my companion, Ivanah. Thank you Creator for all the blessings we’ve received.

Meegwitch, Edmond Poochay 

Genre: Peyote


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First Nations Ceremonial Church Peyote Songs Volume 1 [nominated: 2010]
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Awards, Nominations & Submissions

2010Best Peyote CDFirst Nations Ceremonial Church Peyote Songs Volume 1Nominee